Entry-level lab tech positions at UC Davis

At campuses of the University of California, Junior Specialists are entry-level researchers with a two-year cap on employment in this position. UC Davis faculty have begun advertising these openings. 

Go to https://recruit.ucdavis.edu/apply and look for Junior Specialist positions with an "apply by..." date in the future. New positions will appear probably through mid summer.

(the image above is just a sample...there are many others posted on the website)

Starr-Luxton lab: entry-level position

Dan Starr and Gant Luxton are hiring! Starr and Luxton run a joint lab funded by an Allen Distinguished Investigator Award.

Research aspects of this job will be using CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing to engineer mammalian tissue culture lines to test how LINC complexes and the cytoskeleton interact to regulate the biomechanics of the cell. Cell culture transfection, immunostaining, genome editing, live microscopy, and biophysical assays will be the primary approaches. 

Grad application mentorship program for students not in PREP

The Cientifico Latino Graduate School Mentorship Program (GSMI) provides one-on-one guided mentorship for STEM doctoral program applicants. Professionals across several STEM disciplines volunteer with Cientifico Latino to review graduate school applications and do mock interviews for those who are applying to graduate school this Fall 2021. Last year, 80% of GSMI applicants received acceptances into STEM graduate school programs!

For more information or to apply, see cientificolatino.com/gsmi.

New PREP site in OREGON!!!

Brand spankin' new and off the shelf!

Oregon Health Sciences University just got their PREP site funded. They've been running a small self-funded program for several years, so they have their act together. Applications OPEN on 1 June!!! Priority deadline is 2 July so you have time to put together a quality application.


Go forth and knock their socks off.