The Postbaccaulaureate Research and Education Program at UC Davis (PREP@UCD) is a one-year program aimed at preparing students from disadvantaged backgrounds and historically excluded groups (including individuals who have a disability that limits major life activities) to succeed in PhD programs in the biomedical sciences. PREP@UCD scholars will be mentored in independent research, take advanced courses in areas of their interest, begin an Individual Development Plan, and complete seminars in professional development and responsible conduct of research.

  • The program includes salary of $33,375 (which represents 75% of full time compensation), health benefits, and funding for conference travel.
  • Applications for PREP@UCD open on 1 December. For full consideration, all application materials for PREP@UCD should be received by 15 February. See prep.ucdavis.edu/apply for details.
  • The PREP@UCD program will begin annually on 1 July.