Uche, Dave Segal, and Ulrike Beitnere


Cheeto the Physics Dept cat
Answer to another frequently asked question: this handsome gentleman is Cheeto, the (un) official greeter at the Physics Department, in his new, improved, and less, er, portly phenotype.

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Other postbacc/pre-PhD opportunities

  • NIH list of other PREP sites
  • summary of PREP programs, including application deadlines, compiled by Dr. R. Behringer, MD Anderson Cancer Center. This list is self-reported and does not include all the NIH PREP sites
  • the NIH Intramural Research Training Award Program. Rolling admission.
  • Pathways to Science: searchable database
  • consider a funded MS program, including ones on the list compiled by Dr. Stacy Farina, Howard University (note that Professor Farina specifically calls out Ecology/Evolution/Organismal Biology but the list includes many programs that include cell and molecular biology)


From Kelly Stevens et al. 2021, commentary in Cell.

Our nationwide network of BME women faculty collectively argue that racial funding disparity by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) remains the most insidious barrier to success of Black faculty in our profession. We thus refocus attention on this critical barrier and suggest solutions on how it can be dismantled.

We encourage those interested in advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in the life sciences to check out these additional writings and resources. This is not intended to be an exhaustive list.