Virtual poster symposium: success!

poster session


Today, our scholars presented their research at the PREP@UCD Fall Poster Symposium to great acclaim by all attendees. The poster session, held online with variations on Mike Morrison’s Better Poster format, replaced our normal presentations at ABRCMS. Scholars supplemented their posters with a three-minute elevator speech, followed by Q&A between the presenter and the audience.

From a judge:

It was the best poster session that I have been to.

  • Kevin and Arthur gave their talks once as scheduled, then repeated them near the end of their slot to late-arriving faculty who work in their research area. Arthur’s mom and brother attended too, and got to hear faculty sing his praises.
  • Maribel gave her talk twice as well, the second time in Spanish after a groundswell of encouragement from the audience (half of whom speak Spanish fluently…).
  • Kaitlynn engaged with a judge in a lively exchange that lasted for much of her 30-minute slot.
  • That was 30 minutes?? Connor commented that the half-hour flew by.
  • Giselle‘s audience peppered her with questions about bench methods and demographics of her study populations and bioinformatics.
  • Brandy fielded questions from the five (!) faculty who attended her session.

The scholars enjoyed the interactions, gained ideas for things to incorporate in their research, and benefitted tremendously from the interactions.

Thank you to all who attended.



Dan tweeted about the symposium and Mike responded.

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