PREP@UCD in a time of coronavirus

Last week, we launched the 2020-2021 cohort of PREP@UCD!

We’ve enjoyed getting to know everyone through multiple rounds of meetings and seminars via videoconference, some with just us and others with HBCU and California State University undergrads participating in virtual summer research programs. We learned about the how and why of phylogenetics from Peter Wainwright, reconstructing Neanderthal pelvic girdles from Mayowa Adegboyega, CRISPR from our own Dan Starr, and a panel of current grad students discussing why they’re in grad school. This week’s guests include Sean Burgess speaking on model genetic organisms and fundamental biological processes, and a panel of scientists sharing their experiences and insights about careers in non-academic sector.

In addition, each of our scholars is working in the lab of a faculty member. All are doing online work at present, but they gradually will transition to benchtop research as their proposed project gains approval from their respective dean for a return to the laboratory.

Stay tuned for updates!