Bragging on PREP mentors

Teaching Award to PREP mentor

Congratulations to Professor JoAnne Engebrecht, recipient of the 2018 UC Davis College of Biological Sciences Award for Outstanding Teaching! In announcing the award, department chair Jodi Nunnari described JoAnne as “a gifted teacher” and selfless departmental citizen who has been “a key player in revamping our graduate program.”

photo by David Slipher/UC Davis

JoAnne’s students — even in classes of more than 300 — all love her, and she has mentored over 50 undergraduates in her lab in a deep and meaningful way.

-Jodi Nunnari

JoAnne has contributed to PREP@UCD as an advisor for Linda in the 2017-2018 cohort and research mentor for Jonathan in the 2018-2019 cohort.

Our thanks to JoAnne for her many contributions!

Research in regenerative biology

Assistant Professor Celina Juliano received a $1.5 million grant from the US National Science Foundation to study regeneration in freshwater hydra. Hydra constantly renew all their cells from stem cells, which means that they provide an intriguing model system to study regeneration. Juliano and her lab now have sequenced every cell type in Hydra, which provides baseline knowledge required for understanding genetic control of regeneration. The new grant will enable them to develop genomic tools needed to turn these genes on and off.
For more information, see the College of Biological Sciences’ press release.